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Reading and Signing at the Top of Maine

UPDATE -5.18.12 – The Fiddlehead Focus, Aroostook’s online newspaper, ran positive student ink on my school visit to Fort Kent. I can blog till I’m blue in the face, but what students take away is what counts. So for the real deal, click the Fiddlehead logo below and read the story.



Fort Kent, Maine 5.15.12– met with Don Chouinard and Jocelyn Saucier’s classes. Continue reading Reading and Signing at the Top of Maine

Creative Writers All


Here’s what happened. It was 12:20; lunchtime. They could have been over in the cafeteria, clumped up tight around the tables, but here they were, hanging out in Christina Benedict’s classroom. A few girls sat around a laptop, absorbed. A tall young man wrote out word scrambles on the blackboard, and the guesses flew — silly, funny, hit or miss. “This isn’t a test” was his attitude. “It’s fun.” Continue reading Creative Writers All

Class Trip


SPRING BEAR found its audience one warm spring day in in this high school English class in Winthrop ME . It was one of the happiest days of my life. (I’m the lady on the left in the purple blouse, sitting on a desk). Those spectacular teenagers seated to the right either know someone like — or could themselves have been — my Evvie Mallow or Rich Parker. Connecting with them over a world I’d imagined and they’d come to know through the book was –um — sorry, I just can’t find words for it.

But they did. They wrote me letters. Here is some of what they said.
Continue reading Class Trip