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Gloomy day yesterday but Waldoboro visit is next Friday!

So! Have an author visit to Waldoboro a week from today. I will talk to Amber Jeskey’s class. Bob’s driving. He somehow came by a paper copy of a Maine Atlas so we won’t have those infernal conversations about whether or not the GPS device is wrong. Last night I went out, turned on the deck light, and there it was, just a bit, floating down. Then this morning, from my greenhouse — voila! Snow dripping off the branches, a thick, heavy one, and the light is stunning.

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A Trailer in the Making

Day dawned cloudy and raining. Just what we wanted. Up at first light. Fetched Dave Bubier, holding down the lead role of Lester Darrow. He brought the guns. Drove to Roberta and David Manter, gracious providers of the perfect location. Met up with producer Dean Gyorgy ( and his wife Margot, playing the lady from Massachusetts. Dean scouted out the the best camera angles, called for Lester Darrow to come on set. Mounted his Canon 5D Mark II on his Manfrotto monopod and began shooting. Continue reading A Trailer in the Making