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Just released: Croswell Bowen: A Writer’s Life, A Daughter’s Portrait
My bio/memoir about my journalist and biographer father, CROSWELL BOWEN: A Writer’s Life, A Daughter’s Portrait has just been released by Potomac Books.

The book tells the story of my father’s life through his eyes as he experiences the great events of the 20th Century, from the Crash of ’29 to WWII through the McCarthy era to VietNam.

Tom Brokaw called his generation the “greatest generation.” My father agreed. To Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter he wrote, “Our times were the best, weren’t they? And our people were the greatest.”

My father’s name’s was not a particularly famous one in his time. He was simply one of a very many “liberals” — many Easterners — New Deal FDR Democrats who crafted the social safety net and envisioned America’s postwar contribution to the world to be to spread democracy abroad. He wrote in service of those ideals.

But, he wrote as he steamed home past the Statue of Liberty into New York Harbor, “Our giving must be done with great tact, understanding and love.”

Have we done that?

I’ve pondered that, and wondered how the ideals of his brand of liberalism stand up. Check out “Liberalism Revisited” for my thoughts on liberalism and climate change, the genome, mirror neurons.

I hope you read the book.

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