Spring Bear


Spring Bear is about Evvie Mallow. Born  and raised in the Maine woods, her family disintegrating around her, Evvie is caught in a conflict between irreconcilable forces – the instinct to protect her unborn child and the freedom to choose a life for herself. With dignity and grace, she keeps a Yankee silence about her own acts of courage and self-sacrifice.

What does the title mean? “To a hunter in the Maine woods, a spring bear is fabled. She’s dangerous to be around because her cubs are still near her. ” She will attack you ferociously if you get between her and those cubs. That’s what Evvie was like, a spring bear.

When it comes to a mother protecting her child, there are no rules. Instinct is at the ready. Whatever it takes to beat back anything that endangered that child, she’ll do. Evvie did.

But for Evvie, acting on her instincts had a real cost. She didn’t get off easy. Spring Bear is about a woman who kills a man to protect her unborn child.

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