A Trailer in the Making

Day dawned cloudy and raining. Just what we wanted. Up at first light. Fetched Dave Bubier, holding down the lead role of Lester Darrow. He brought the guns. Drove to Roberta and David Manter, gracious providers of the perfect location. Met up with producer Dean Gyorgy (dgmediaarts.com) and his wife Margot, playing the lady from Massachusetts. Dean scouted out the the best camera angles, called for Lester Darrow to come on set. Mounted his Canon 5D Mark II on his Manfrotto monopod and began shooting.

Change of scene. Packed up gear and drove down road for car scene, where Lester Darrow ties the lady from Massachusetts to the steering wheel. A few last sound clips to capture.Two hours later and it was all in the can.
I had a feeling this was going to be good when the first thing Dean did was ask to read the book. Then he came to me with a shooting script. I was expecting the usual author interview, cover shot, etc. etc. BORING. Dean captured the essence of the key characters, cast them just right, embraced the location, hit all the crucial plot points, and gave me drama. I love his respect for what his camera can do. The stills do the job of stills; the video does its job. He knows how to build audio. Has great instincts. Kept it true to the book. Stacatto, gritty, honest.
The only thing I didn’t like were the mosquitoes. Dean, next time, no mosquitos.

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