Gloomy day yesterday but Waldoboro visit is next Friday!

So! Have an author visit to Waldoboro a week from today. I will talk to Amber Jeskey’s class. Bob’s driving. He somehow came by a paper copy of a Maine Atlas so we won’t have those infernal conversations about whether or not the GPS device is wrong. Last night I went out, turned on the deck light, and there it was, just a bit, floating down. Then this morning, from my greenhouse — voila! Snow dripping off the branches, a thick, heavy one, and the light is stunning.

The whole day had been bad, bad bad. Got not a lot done. All my undertakings were not working out. Nothing I did meant a whole lot, except that I was getting a little used to the idea of having become, truly, one who is in the process of breaking down. Aging. Yuk.

But then the snow came! Things turn on a dime here in Maine. It’s the weather. It’s the major controlling factor in everything, actually. I love it.

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